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la mariscá

The Authentic Taste of Pescaíto Frito in Málaga

Located in the heart of Los Guindos area, La Mariscá is your ideal destination to taste the authentic fried fish from Málaga. Our restaurant, emblem of tradition and flavor, invites you to live a unique dining experience, where the sea meets the table in every bite.


Restaurant with terrace

At La Mariscá, we pride ourselves in serving the best fried fish in town, prepared with traditional recipes and a modern touch that only our chefs can offer. Each dish is a culinary work of art, prepared with the freshest ingredients from the sea.


Our menu

In addition to our famous fried fish, our menu offers a wide variety of seafood and marine dishes. Here we show you some of them:


With potatoes in a traditional style

Prawn skewers


Fried anchovies

Explosion of sea flavors

Fine Shells

You can't miss

Fried Squid

Another of our highlights


An exquisite dish

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We are the trendy restaurant in Malaga. We are in Los Guindos in Calle la unión mercantil 6.


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Monday - Sunday | 12:00 to 00:00

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633 400 531